Dyon Calvo a.k.a. Dyon Hogervorst is from the land of worlds best DJ's "Holland". As a teenager he always listened to music. House, Eclectic, Dirty house, Tech-House, Progresssive House, Techno, Electro you can safely say: Dyon Calvo has got a broad taste. He got into mixing music as a teenager around 2005. His initial gear consisted of a Behringer BCD2000 some headphones and his PC with the software Traktor DJ. He started to spend a lot of hours fine-tuning his mixing skills.

When he finally reached the level he was aiming for, Dyon Calvo distributed a couple of mixtapes under his friends and relatives. Those early mixes of Dyon Calvo where highly appreciated by his friends and that encouraged him to further develop himself. So he decided to take it to the next level and upgraded his gear to a Pioneer mixer and CD-players. From then on he truly began to Dj. Playing at local bars on Friday's and even hosting his own Tech-house/Techno oriented concept "Strierenbende" in Club Jitters In the digital realm Dyon Calvo was also making a name for himself. His mixes on Soundcloud didn't went unnoticed.

After that it all went fast, gigs in Utrecht, Maarssen and hometown Nieuwegein where rolling in. He even played his first festival La Musica.

Nowadays he is a respectable resident in Club Organza (Maarssen), Chupitos (Utrecht), Maggy Malou (Utrecht), Grandcafe Lievelust (Utrecht), Feestcafe Freddy's (Ter Aar). Dyon has gigs on a regular base and has signed at the bookingsagency Rednoise Agency.